Day 1 (September 20)

The day starts at 2 pm GMT, please check your local time.

Plenary Session

2 pm GMT

Introductions:  Wendy Collinson (ACLIE, GCLIE Co-Chair), Fraser Shilling (ICOET, GCLIE Co-Chair), Deb Wambach (Conference Chair, ICOET)


2:30 PM GMT

Plenary Speakers:

Kate Newman (Vice-President, World Wildlife Fund, US)– "Reinventing the Road Ahead: forging a new path for linear infrastructure planning in Asia"

Lucy Waruingi (Executive Director, African Conservation Centre, Kenya) "Impacts of Linear Infrastructure in Eastern and other parts of Africa"

Carme Rosell (Director, Minuartia, Spain) "Challenges and opportunities to wildlife and transport infrastructure in our progress towards European Green Deal goals"

Fernanda Texiera (Post-Doctoral Scientist, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) "Linear infrastructure impacts and mitigation in Latin America"

Dave Theobald (Scientist, Conservation Planning, US) "Measuring fragmentation of natural landscapes by North American linear infrastructure"


5:15 PM GMT

Panel Discussion Among Speakers and Questions/Answers


6:00 PM GMT



Day 2 (September 21)

Parallel Sessions


Plenary Recap of Day 1 and Intro to Day 2


2:15 PM GMT

Parallel Discussion Session 1: Impacts and Solutions for Railways

Discussion Leads:  Manisha Bhardwaj (Post-Doctoral Fellow, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden) + Elke Hahn (Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Austria)

Parallel Discussion Session 2: Impacts and Solutions for Roads and Highways

Discussion Leads:  Rodney van der Ree (Director, Ecology and Infrastructure International, Australia) + Jochen Jaeger (Concordia University)


4:00 PM GMT

Parallel Discussion Session 3: Impacts and Solutions for Power-lines, Canals and Pipelines

Discussion Leads: Lourens Leeuwner (Programme Manager, Endangered Wildlife Trust, South Africa) + Sarah Chiles (Ewaso Lions, Kenya)

Parallel Discussion Session 4: Emerging Impacts and Solutions (Pandemics, Climate Change, Electrification/Automation)

Discussion Leads: Fraser Shilling (ICOET and GCLIE Co-Chair, US), Tracey Goldstein (University of California, Davis and USAID, US), Dan Sperling (Institute of Transportation Studies, US)


5:30 PM GMT

Plenary Summation -- Challenges, Solutions and Resolutions

Discussion Leads & Fraser Shilling, Wendy Collinson, and Deb Wambach


6:00 PM GMT